WASTED FABRIC gives a second life to designers deadstocks fabrics for the great pleasure of sewing passionates, brands or students. Wasted Fabrics is offering high end European fabrics per cut of 3 meters.

All fabrics on this website are deadstock, this means nothing is produced newly for us.

Deadstock fabrics are the most sustainable way of creating your own garments.

We wish you a lot of sewing fun!



jacquard fabrics 

  • Origin

    Our deadstock fabrics are produced in Europe, mainly Italy and France.

    We only offer recent and fashionable items from the highest quality. By buying only in Europe, we avoid long transportation procedures which reduces our ecological footprint.

  • Cut by 3 meters

    We only sell by 3 meters cuts for different reasons:

    -to avoid sending too many small packages.

    -3 meters is a good amount for most of the sewing projects.

    -to keep our prices competitive.

    -to standardise the job in our warehouse.

  • Stocksale

    We understand it may be easier to choose fabrics by touching, feeling and smelling.That's why we try to organise a fabric stocksale at least once per month around Brussels in our warehouse.

    you can always make an appointment to visit us, just send us a message on instagram.