Frequently asked questions

Where are our fabrics from?

At WASTED FABRICS, we sell European fabrics at wholesale prices. All our printed fabrics are coming from France or Italy. We have agreements with major printing mills who send their unsold stocks directly to us. Nothing is more sustainable than using a fabric that is already produced and that is waiting for your next sewing project.

Why do we cut by 3m?

We would like to offer fabrics by cuttings of 3 meters, in order to reduce the amount of packages.

Need more than 3 meters?

If you order more than 1 coupon of 3 meters and you want it to be cut in 1 piece, please let us know in the remarks of your order.

If we don't receive any remark, we will automatically cut by coupons of 3 meters.

How much are our sending costs?

We ship your orders with DPD. to your HOME ADRESS.



We are shipping for free for orders above 75 euros. For orders below 75 euros, shipping costs are 5,95 euros.


We are shipping orders above 125 euros for free.

For orders below 75 euros, shipping costs are 9,95 euros.

For orders above 75 euros, shipping costs will be 6,95 euros.


We are shipping orders above 100 euros for 20 euros shipping costs.


We are shipping orders above 100 USD for 40 USD shipping costs.


How long should I wait to receive my order?

We are cutting fabric orders 2 times a week.

Please check your tracking number with DPD.

You will received your tracking once your order is being prepared. Please check your spam if you don't see anything.

Can I return my order if I am not satisfied?

All the fabrics cut can not be returned and are not refundable.

Please carefully pay attention when ordering. We want to work in a sustainable way also for our packages.

Where are we located?

Our warehouse is located at Groot Brijgaardenstraat 126/1 in Drogenbos, in the area of Brussels.

Do we have a physical shop?

No, we don't have a physical shop but we do stocksales one time per month in our warehouse where can find between 50 and 200 meters of fabrics.

Please follow our socials to get informed about our monthly stocksale.